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Wonderslim - (30 Capsules)

(Available in FECO & CBD)

Wonder Slim is the future of natural weight loss!

This slimming supplement is specifically formulated for individuals who struggle to lose weight, but don’t have the motivation or time for intense training and controlled diets. Made with 8 natural, fat burning
ingredients this is not your average weight loss supplement. Benefits include: Appetite suppressant, Boosts metabolism, burns fat by increasing thermogenesis, reduces brain fog, controls cortisol levels,
aids with constipation, blocks fat formation, boosts energy and focus and much more.

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Celtic Salt - 20g

(Available in FECO & CBD)

When it comes to natural and nutrient-dense alternatives, Celtic Sea Salt shines as a true gem. Packed with 84 known minerals and trace elements, this extraordinary salt goes beyond just adding flavour to your dishes. Celtic Salt can help with in following ways: Alkalize the body, balance blood sugars, increase energy, eliminate mucus buildup, build immunity, improve brain function, provide electrolyte balance, prevent muscle cramps, regulate heartbeat and blood pressure and much more

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