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Anti Lice Spray - 100ml


Safe from 12 months old. Treats and prevents lice, Treats sores caused
by lice, antiseptic, Pain relief, Moisturizes, promotes scalp and hair
health. Coconut oil (MCT) is the main ingredient and also the carrier, it is
the only proven natural ingredient to be most effective in killing head

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Bum Barrier - 125ml


Our Bum Barrier is organic and free from
petroleum. It has been formulated to protect and
heal the sensitive bum area, whilst repelling water
to protect against dampness. It is also suitable for
parents who choose to use cloth diapers on their
little ones. Safe to use for even the most sensitive

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Tuti-Fruti Hair Wash - 100ml


This baby hairwash will have your baby's hair growing faster & healthier.
It is safe to use from 3months old. Promotes hair growth,Helps to
minimise shedding, aids in dry scalp and cradle cap, anti-oxidant,
Antiseptic, illiminates scalp infections. Smells like fruitloops. Great for
curls , no conditioner needed, works great as a detangler aswell.

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